Maitland Community Hospice

Significant local demand for a community hospice

On 6 May 2018, Volunteers for Palliative Care launched a plan for a community hospice for the Maitland region.

Securing a community hospice for the growing population of Maitland is a long term high cost investment.

This is a long term -million-dollar project and we are looking at both government and private funding to provide the capital to build and operate the centre.

Engaging the community in the development of the centre is consequently a key priority for the project team.

“Providing people with a local community hospice for end-of-life support means, for some, the difference between having family with them at the end or not. Our centre will focus on providing holistic support and services, combining both medical and non-medical palliative care.”

Judith Robinson, Volunteer for Palliative Care Manager and project coordinator.

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