Leaving a Personal Legacy

Sometimes we get asked if people can make a bequest to support our ongoing services. If you are thinking of including Volunteers for Palliative Care in your will, we thank you.

Why Make a Bequest?

After providing for family and friends in their Will, many people are also inspired to make a gift to something that is important to them. This gift can express their concern for the well-being of others within their community.

By including Volunteers for Palliative Care in your Will, you can make a lasting contribution to ensure that those who are at the end of their lives will experience emotional support and a sense of community and a better quality of life during this challenging time.

The financial resources provided by bequests make it possible for Volunteers for Palliative Care Inc. to extend our services to the Maitland community, to add new programs such as our life stories program, a grief and bereavement support group. It also helps us train and educate our volunteers, compassionately transport our clients to critical medical appointments and ensure those in need know about the help available.

How To Make a Bequest

To make a bequest you need to include a provision in your Will. Because Wills have to comply with certain legal requirements, we advise you to consult with your solicitor.

For more information about Bequests please visit our Resources page.

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