Respite Care

Community Companionship and Respite Care

We understand the toll that caregiving can take on individuals.

Our complimentary respite and community companionship services are delivered by skilled palliative care volunteers who come to your home following an initial assessment by our coordinator.

With the progression of their illness our client’s social interactions can shrink. Our Community Companion volunteers can help reconnect them with community, alleviate the emotional toll of their illness and improve feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Our companionship volunteers can also engage in varied activities with clients. For instance, going to the movies and on picnics, doing hobbies such as craft or painting, playing chess, cards or other games, reading or chatting together. We provide a listening ear and comforting presence usually on a weekly basis, for two to four hours.

Respite care gives caregivers and their families the precious gift of time, to prioritise commitments that may otherwise be neglected. Sometimes our volunteers will simply sit with a client who is resting to allow a carer to do some errands or take a break.

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