Providing Care and Support

We provide respite to carers and their families in Maitland who are looking after someone with a life-limiting illness such as end stage heart failure, early stages dementia, motor neurone disease and anyone diagnosed palliative.

Our respite service is free and is provided by trained palliative care volunteers who come to your home after the Co-ordinator has made an assessment. Respite can take many different forms of practical and emotional support. We provide the carer and their family the luxury of time to attend to the personal appointments that can get put on the backburner.

As a carer your thoughts are always focussed on attending to the needs of the one you care for. Respite offers carers the opportunity, with the help of our volunteers, to attend to some of their own needs. This in turn helps reduce the strain and toll that caring can take on the health, and therefore helps those who care for others to continue to do the invaluable work that they do.

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