Our volunteers represent a cross-section of our local Maitland community. They have chosen to be volunteers because they have experienced the journey of grief and loss and want to give back to their community.

To become a volunteer you need to complete the necessary documents which include our volunteer data form, the required screenings of criminal record checks and working with children. Prior to attending our training course specifically written for palliative care volunteers, you will also speak with the Co-ordinator so that we can discuss your suitability and availability to commit to volunteering within palliative care.

After completing the course, a post-course interview is conducted. At this meeting you will discuss with the Co-ordinator where you would like to give your time in the community - hospital, in-home, or providing specialised transport. We provide free respite and support to the individuals and families under the umbrella of palliative care and to those living with a life-limiting illness.

All our volunteers work within our organisation's ethical guidelines and policies of confidentiality as well as bringing a non-judgmental and professional attitude to their volunteering.